Restoration Services

Since 1961, Illos Piano Restorations has influenced the development of the piano restoration industry. Our facility is equipped with state of the art tools and manned by a proficient staff. This combination makes the restoration process affordable and competitive at a regional level with the thought in mind that your piano is a momento of your family heritage.

We can ship pianos all over the country at low rates, making it financially feasible to restore your piano no matter the distance to our location in Buffalo, NY. Call today for a quote!

Check out the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin Complex Piano Restoration Project

Rebuilding a piano begins with a series of tests before the piano is disassembled. The downbearing is measured to aid in the proper seating of the plate. A measurement for string height in relation to the hammer height will allow work to begin in action regulation. The plate is examined for stress cracks. If necessary cracks are repaired and the repair has a 10-year guarantee.

Once the piano is disassembled, an inner frame inspection takes place and the ordering of needed parts begins. The old finish is hand stripped and washed in preparation for grain filling, sealing, and lacquering. At this time the soundboard and pinblock markings and measurements can be taken.

Action work begins with new keytops and bushings. Hammer, shanks and flanges and wippens are installed. Action regulation follows, which allows the pianist to communicate with the strings and soundboard with efficient expression.

Our Pin Blocks are meticulously drilled to insure a consistent fit and provide decades of service. Our block is fitted to the flange of the plate and all gaps are eliminated, therefore, insuring stability.

The soundingboard is the soul of the piano. Replacement demands great skill, care and patience. It is a most rewarding job. It allows the opportunity to bring to life the internal beauty and sound of the piano.

Finally, the piano is refinished in your choice of stain or color. We hand-rub our finishes for life-long durability and elegance.